Thursday, February 24, 2011

SXSW Metal - Day 1 (so far)

Wednesday 3/16

Sumerian Records SXSW Showcase
Venue: Habana Bar Backyard
Time: 7pm

Upon a Burning Body - 1am
The Faceless - 12am
Veil Of Maya - 11pm
Animals As Leaders - 10pm
Structures - 9pm

SXSW Official Showcase
Venue: Emo's Annex
Time: 6:30pm

Horse the Band - 1am
Dawn of Ashes - 11:05pm
For The Fallen Dreams - 10pm

Housecore Records SXSW Showcase
Venue: Emo's
Time: 7:30pm

Arson Anthem - 1am
Warbeast - 12am
Haarp – 11pm
Ponykiller - 10pm
Skrew - 9pm
skatenigs - 8pm

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