Monday, March 7, 2011

SXSW Metal Panels

SXSW is not known for its metal tradition, but finally we are infiltrating a few of the panels and discussions that are happening during the conference. I have enjoyed for years the speakers and discussions, not only the music. Some of these are not only important, but also you can get a glimpse at some of your favorite peeps too.

For instance:
Reel Murder: From Crime Scene to Big Screen link
Tuesday Mar 15
Panelists: Phil Anselmo, Corey Mitchell, Hart Fisher, Steve Mims, Amy Anaan Mann
Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Al Capone - their actions, as well as those of other infamous deviants, have shocked the world. They continued to fascinate millions of people when their crimes were turned into big screen Hollywood blockbusters, iconic horror movies, and cutting edge independent films. But how do these tales of depravity, tragedy, and inhumanity make their way from behind the yellow crime scene tape to your nearby multiplex or film festival? Los Angeles Times best-selling true crime author, Corey Mitchell, will moderate this panel discussion on how murder has become big business in Hollywood. The Reel Murder panel, which will be comprised of the leading voices in true crime writing, feature filmmaking, and documentary filmmaking, will guide the audience member from the crime scene to the big screen. Some topics of discussion will include: Why are certain crimes considered big screen-worthy while others are not? What are the inevitable legal pitfalls involved in turning a true crime story into a movie? How can filmmakers empathize with survivors of victims without losing the visceral impact of the story? How can filmmakers deal with protests from the morality police, as well as those genuinely troubled by the subject matter? Reel Murder: From the Crime Scene to the Big Screen will be the one panel that SXSW Film Festival-goers, industry experts and casual film fans alike, will be dying to see.


Are Metalheads Smart Enough to be Online? link
Saturday Mar 19
Panelists: Ben Umanov, Philip Freeman, Sean Cannon, Sean Palmerston, Laina Dawes
In this era of over-hyped indie bands and pop starlets,the presence of metal blogs and websites serves as an integral part of keeping the metal community alive. As extreme music is often derided in the public sphere, metal bands rely on the community spirit that has served as the foundation for the music to keep the genre alive. Join in the discussion about the importance of metal blogs and websites, meet the web moderators, website owners, bloggers and journalists of some of the most popular blogs in the 'sphere, and for all you newbie metal musicians, learn how to best utilize the metal online communities to publicize your music.

and for those metal bands who ever want their music trashed publicly by industry pros

Demo Listening: Metal link
Hosts: Don DeBiase, Neil Sheehan
Demo Listening Sessions offer a unique opportunity for selected musicians to get direct feedback from music professionals, those who listen to demos as part of their job. This session will focus exclusively on Metal. LEVEL: Beginner

Be sure to check out these panels at least and all of the freaking metal to blow your mind that week too!


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