Thursday, July 21, 2011

Right Wing Ousts Oderus from Fox News

According to, GWAR lead singer Oderus Urungus — who last year was named the official "Interplanetary Correspondent" for the "Red Eye" talk show on the Fox News channel — is no longer able to appear on the program because of negative backlash from Sarah Palin Supporters.

A mainstay of GWARs Live performance for nearly two decades has been the beheading and disembowelment of politicians, Bush, Obama, Regan and most recently Sarah Palin. Apparently her constituents and supporters caught wind of the nightly slaying (guessing they don't go to GWAR shows very often). Political blogs and web sites have been inundated with comments regarding Palin's likeness being slain nightly.

Apparently, Urungus sat down with "Red Eye" host Greg Gutfeld on a recent trip to New York and learned he was no longer invited back to the show because of the band's treatment of the rubber Palin. Fox apparently wasn't bothered by the fake mutilations of other figureheads until Palin's likeness was attacked.

Writing on his Twitter page, Urungus said:
Maybe Oderus will need to go destroy some Liberal minds on MSNBC instead.

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