Monday, December 5, 2011

That Time Revolver Went the Way of the Buffalo

Korn's new record hits the shelves on Dec 6th, but is already polarizing metal fans, maybe better stated rock fans. With pieces of the album being released and lambasted by anyone who has any sense of self respect, it was an utter surprise that Revolver Magazine has not only put it in their top 20 records of the year, but named it the best album of 2011.

All things considered The Path of Totality is not the worst album of the year (I reserve that for Lulu), and they are embarking on territory that is not unfamiliar. Venturing into the dubstep realm is not a departure from their mixtures of the past, working with electronica artists and carving a small home out of the charred remains of the Nu Metal take over from the late 90s.

It is simply astounding though how this relic of the doldrums of 90s metal can garner the accolades of the 'premiere' hard rock magazine Revolver with an album that has not even been heard yet by most people. There is no doubt that it will sell, chart, and earn some praise, but with releases from Mastodon, Anthrax, Machine Head, Weedeater and so many more amazing bands allowing this to be the 'best' defies logic.

Yet the fact that this will ruffle the feathers of so many with an opinion, this may be a smart move just to make sure people are talking and buying magazines, however, my subscription is now cancelled.

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