Monday, March 5, 2012

Christopher Amott Leaves Arch Enemy

Guitarist Christopher Amott has released the following statement after announcing his departure as a founding member of Arch Enemy:
I have left Arch Enemy to pursue my solo career. I'm gonna continue to be very active in music, working with all kinds of styles — this does not rule out metal. I have just recorded a new solo album, set to be released in April.
Arch Enemy has recruited 26-year-old American guitarist Nick Cordle (ARSIS) to replace Christopher. The band said in a statement,
There is no drama behind the scenes here. This is the best way forward for all involved. Christopher simply isn't into playing extreme metal anymore. We have already chosen and rehearsed with a new guitar player and we will complete the 'Khaos Legions' 2012 touring cycle as planned." 
Added Christopher's brother, Arch Enemy guitarist Michael Amott: "Nick was my first choice as he ticks all the right boxes for Arch Enemy with his musicality and technicality as well as his personality and dedication. [We are] looking forward to having him join us stage, the rehearsals have shown we have a devastating twin axe attack going on!
Christopher Amott started his career in music in 1995 as a founding creative force and guitarist in Arch Enemy. In this context, he is known for his tastefully technical guitar work and memorably emotive playing style.

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