Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Arsis Drummer Mike Van Dyne Quits

Normally a lineup change in a band is not the biggest news, personnel changes seems to be a regular occurrence in the metal world, but this time it might spell the demise of a pretty decent band. With guitarist Nick Cordle tapped to replace Christopher Amott in Arch Enemy, the departure of founding member Mike Van Dyne could be the writing on the wall for the Virginia death metal band. an excerpt from Van Dyne's statement:
"After five label releases and hundreds of shows in 19 countries, it's time to move forward and pursue my career full-time.  

The last fully-completed ARSIS song I contributed to was 'Since The Shadows' (released online last year), and it's one of my favorites.

Through the years, I've accomplished everything in music I wanted to do. Not many people can say that, and I consider myself fortunate for having so many great experiences."
Hopefully founding member James Malone can keep things together and press on with new material, considering the final verdict on Cordle's role in the band has yet to be determined and their future in the balance.

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