Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Black Sabbath to Play Lollapalooza

The rumors were all over this week about Black Sabbath playing Lollapalooza, and now those rumors have been confirmed. As the oddest addition to the line up, Sabbath will be playing one of their only US dates in August at the now stationary Chicago festival. As the only metal act at the festival, if you plan to make an appearance I simply beg you to wear some evil metal garb to make a point.

The one really great thing with this news is that Tony Iommi appears to be recovering well from his battle with cancer. Not well enough to do a full tour, but at least a show at Download and Lollapalooza. The flipside is still the question about Bill Ward and an actual reunion of the full band. No word whether they will be able to reconcile or who will be sitting in on the skins in his place. We'll see what happens in August!

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