Thursday, July 5, 2012

Black Metal Movie Casting in Austin

I had the opportunity to sit down today and chat with Director, Writer, Producer and Teacher Kat Candler who is about to begin primary shooting on a short film simply titled 'Black Metal.'(interview posted below) I think it a very cool thing that we have some metal minded individuals in the film industry in Austin, and this fictional story sounds like it will play out very well on the screen, as well as be an intense short look into a fictional metal band and one of their fans who commits a heinous crime, and all that comes along with it...

As my title here suggests, you can participate as an extra in the film on July 13th at the 29th Street Ballroom as one of the fans in the crowd at a metal show, and I know you guys know how to do that. If you’re interested, please contact Extras Coordinator Beth Chatelain at

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