Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BTBAM's Bus Catches Fire on Tour

To celebrate the release of their latest album, Between the Buried and Me set fire to their tour bus in England last night...no actually a mechanical failure led to the fire which was quickly brought under control by the fire service, sparing the band and their gear according to a statement released by Metal Blade Records
Between The Buried And Me's bus caught fire this morning in England. There are no injuries and no equipment was damaged. There is no effect on the band's tour. Tour manager Courtney Warner adds: "As of now, we are at a service area awaiting transportation to a hotel. A new bus is on its way. We shouldn't miss any shows because of this. All gear, luggage, personal items and most importantly, people, are all good. We just stink like smoke."
The band seemed to be taking it a little lighter with an update on their Facebook page, along with a pic of the bus burning:
Fuel line done broke. Dadgum flame come shootin out. Peeewwww eeehhhhh sometin' stank. Crazy British feller come hollerin, "Bus on fire, ya'll git." Climb up the ol' hill barefoot and look back at them flames shootin sky high. Firemen
folk come rushin up real quick like and squirt that fire plum out. It was lucky nobody was hurt, not even a stubbed toe. Luggage stank like a Mississippi cow pie on a mid july heat. 
Hopefull, come tomorra, a new horse n' buggy come. We'll giddy on up to Belgium town for a good ol' fashioned hootnanny. 
You guys have a date with FFF Fest in a few weeks, try like hell not to burn yourselves to death in the meantime, Ok? Look for the new CD, The Parallax II: Future Sequence out today on Metal Blade Records.

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