Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NO CONTROL Radio HD2 Adds/Chart - 10/2/12

So I wanted to enhance your experience with the HD2 channel a bit, well actually I had some questions about what kind of stuff I play, or more over what is doing well on the station, so now you will get my top 40 songs each week along with the music I add to it as well. Probably too much information, but transparency is the key to something...I think, I don't know, I will do it till it's too much work.  

ADDS: 10/1/12
AxeWound - Vultures (The End)
Glamour Of The Kill – Summoning (eOne)
Candlelight Cult Series - Radio Sampler (Candlelight)
Judgement Day - Polar Shift (Minus Head)
All Dinosaurs - Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior (Self-released)
Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence (Metal Blade)
The Sword – Apocryphon (Razor & Tie)
Pig Destroyer – Book Burner (Relapse)

NO CONTROL Radio HD2 Top 40 
1Thrown To The Lions Dew Scented
2Tyrannical Decay Pathology
3Kingdom Devin Townsend Project
4The Time Bender Becoming the Archetype
5Down Through The Ages All That Remains
6Accelerated Evolution Faceless, The
7Destroyer Design the Skyline
8I Ejaculate Fire Dethklok
9The Vipers Gaza
10Flesh Epistle Grave
11Message to a King Bury Tomorrow
12The Heathens Enabler
13Gold Digger Murder Construct
14Bats Amongst Heathens Serpentine Path
15Love Chariot, The
16Tapeworms Encrust
17World Enslaved Nuclear Death Terror
18Dehumanize Dublin Death Patrol
19Deityrant Ufomammut
20Get Real Obey the Brave
21Ragnarok Periphery
22Buildings Katatonia
23Dark Roots Of Earth Testament
24Cauterize As I Lay Dying
25Uninvite Me To Your Facebook Party I Am War
26Burn In This Moment
27Burn Xibalba
28In Wolves This Or The Apocalypse
29Nobody One Knows Norska
30This Work is Timeless Down
31A Good Day To Die Pro Pain
32Cry Wolf Texas In July
33Destroyer Endless
34In My Sword I Trust Ensiferum
35You The Apathy Divine Thy Will Be Done
36Doxa Monuments
37It's Not Because Of You Witchcraft
38Resilience As I Lay Dying
39Cross To Bear Before the Dawn

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