Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Phil Anselmo Never Talked to Zakk Wylde About Pantera

Apparently when Phil Anselmo spoke to Village Voice and you all got excited about the idea of a Pantera reunion, you were completely wrong, or at least he is now saying what was reported was not true. In a recent interview with he attempted to clear the air: 
That whole thing was taken way out of context. All that happened was Zakk and I spoke and what it was about was just a personal issue between he and I that was worked out quickly and easily. We were cozy as kittens after that, and we just shot the sh-t. And honestly? The whole Pantera thing did not come up at all. Whoever interviewed me, and I f-ckin' forget the whole thing, but it was taken out of context because we didn't even talk about Pantera reuniting or anything like that. Matter of fact, we talked about relations and mutual friends and just honestly everybody getting along and that's really all we talked about.
Yes kiddies, the rumors are untrue, wait but he said, not he didn't...wait what? Maybe he has binder with all the possible bands he could reunite with, or something. No Pantera, not right away anyway...

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