Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Suffocation Frontman to Stop Touring

In a recent interview with Horns Up Rocks, lead singer of Suffocation, Frank Mullen, apparently has decided that touring full time is not going to happen for him again. Unfortunately, it appears to be a combination of several different factors from his quote below: 
"I can't really tour full time anymore. So when the album comes out, they'll probably set up about a month-[long] tour, or something like that, in the States. I'll only do about two weeks of it. There'll be a fill-in singer [doing the rest of the shows]. And then I'll probably do maybe a week, or a week and a half, over in Europe, and then any other touring they do for the rest of the year, will probably have somebody else filling in [on vocals]. I mean, I'll do, like, spot shows here and there." 
"Unfortunately, as you get older, death metal doesn't make tons of money, and I've got a good job, so… you know, you've gotta work. And that's pretty much what it is. I'm not a kid no more." 
"At this point, you've gotta start thinking ahead in your life, you've gotta start thinking long-term goals and stuff And unfortunately, death metal, again, it's not the type of music where you're gonna make millions and where you can make a really good living on it. I mean, you can have fun with it, and some bands could have a steady life on it, but for the most part, you do it more or less for the fact that that's what you love — you love death metal and that's what you play. It's more or less that than trying to make a living."
Just take note all you fancy metal musicians, even though you are one of the best death metal singers, and in one of the legendary bands of your genre, it does not mean you are going to be a star, make enough money to live, or be able to stave off the sands of time. I am glad I have seen Suffocation with Frank so many times, but just a bit sad at the statement this make about metal music in general too...

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