Monday, November 5, 2012

Intern Review: Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind

R and B music was made for loving, Pop was made for making money, Metal was made for me and you and Converge was made for a swift kick to the jaw by Chuck Norris in hyper speed.

The band’s eighth studio album All We Love We Leave Behind is a fast paced journey through their amazing ability to create controlled frenzy. Their seventh studio album Axe To Fall is a tough act to follow both critically and by fans but All We Love We Leave Behind is a blitzkrieg of wild guitar work and plenty of doom metal epicness, which is sure to please the palate of metal heads in any of the many subgenres.

The first track “Aimless Arrow” is a bit of a break from the traditional styling of front man Jacob Bannon’s trademark ravenous vocals but a step in the right direction to diversify the band’s sound. Although “Aimless Arrow” may set the tone for the band’s growth, tracks like “Sparrow’s Fall” and “Trespasses” take you right back to the root of chaos that is textbook Converge. Fans of doom metal will get a few warm and fuzzies in their belly with “Coral Blue”.

Continuing the break down of Converge’s eighth album, brings up the next point as to why this album is awesome, BREAKDOWNS. Breakdown after breakdown will make those of us who live for mosh pits absolutely smitten. The album is full of those pit worth tracks like “Veins and Veils” and “Shame In the Way”.

Converge consistently takes a live show and creates an experience for fans of metal, hardcore, doom and thrash and aggressive music creating an almost religious experience of being baptized. Sitting and listening to this album yourself will not suffice. You must imagine yourself in a car chase, a riot, escaping a burning building or in a scenario where pure, raw, unbridled emotion would explode from you with action filled Jason Statham adrenaline. That my friend is how All We Love We Leave Behind should be experienced.

-Derick Garcia

Derick is an intern from Texas State University where he hosts his own metal show 'On the Grinder' and produces and hosts a Texas State TV program 'La Bella Vida.'

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