Thursday, November 15, 2012

Intern Review: The Sword - Apocryphon

If the Mayan’s have it right, we’re all screwed but at least we were able to enjoy Apocryphon, the new album from The Sword. Oh, how sweet it is to have some Texas metal in my eardrums this week.

Let’s get down to business; long time fans of The Sword will be happy to know they have not taken an “artistic journey” and sacrificed their signature sound. The group’s 4th studio album Apocryphon is saturated in groove guitar rifts, guaranteed to have you wailing away on the most epic Gibson Flying V your imagination can create.

Air Guitar is so much cooler with The Sword. As I was listening to the album with my dog, Preston, I can see the envy in his little puppy eyes, wishing he had thumbs to hold imaginary drum sticks and bang away with me. Sorry buddy, you can help with the imaginary groupies.

Ok, back to the review. It is my duty to give you the most in-depth, truthful reviews and to be completely honest Apocryphon kicks ass. If you’re a fan of metal of the past; where it wasn't about how loud you can scream, how fast you can shred or how many tattoos you have but based on how well you can write a killer album, then prepare yourself for an album you’ll have on repeat. Guitar heavy, drum laced and vocally pleasing, Apocryphon is an album most definitely something you want to check out.

The Sword’s critically acclaimed 3rd album, Warped Riders, is a tough act to follow. However they managed to follow up with an album that not only has a lot of hype but delivers the goods in a lustrous box of awesomeness without damaging their credibility or their signature sound.

I can’t help but say good things about Apocryphon but the simple fact is, it’s a great album. I even went back and revisited The Sword's previous three albums; Age of Winters, Gods of the Earth and Warped Riders. Let’s just say I've developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from trying to wail like JD Cronise and Kyle Shutt.

Go check out Apocryphon, you can thank me later.

-Derick Garcia

Derick is an intern from Texas State University where he hosts his own metal show 'On the Grinder' and produces and hosts a Texas State TV program 'La Bella Vida.'

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