Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NO CONTROL Radio Chart and Adds: 12/17/12

This week there are no adds. The last two weeks of every year slow down this way, not really many new releases of note come out in December, and it turns into holiday season. We will skip this post for the next couple week till we get back into the depths of 2013...if the Mayans were wrong...

Next week on the show Friday night, it will be the Christmas Metal show, and then the 28th will be the Best Metal of 2012 recap before we pick it back up.

A couple of videos from the best albums this year!

NO CONTROL Radio Chart 12/17/12
Rank Song Artist
1 Apocryphon  Sword, The
2 Trespasses  Converge
3 The Diplomat  Pig Destroyer
4 Put It To the Torch  Hatebreed
5 Tyrannical Decay  Pathology
6 Six Coffins Wide  Arsis
7 Damned Draft Dodgers  Cryptopsy
8 Out Of Gravity  Dark Tranquillity
9 Still They Pray  Aeon
10 Snake Oil And Holy Water  Parkway Drive
11 Show No Mercy  Strife
12 I Ejaculate Fire  Dethklok
13 Doomblade  Acacia Strain, The
14 Agnus Dei  Secret, the
15 Bathed In Salt  In Dying Arms
16 Stop Running  Illdisposed
17 Forging Towards the Sunset  Anaal Nathrakh
18 Leech  Magrudergrind
19 Nocturne  TesseracT
20 You Won't  Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
21 Bloodmoney And Lies  Axewound
22 Perception Of Reality  Evocation
23 This Is The Six  While She Sleeps
24 Leathers  Deftones
25 Appraisals Of Ommission  No Bragging Rights
26 Vermosapien  Abiotic
27 Clozapine Dream  Bison BC
28 Riitiir  Enslaved
29 The Megalodon  Corrosion of Conformity
30 Tapeworms  Encrust
31 We All Rage In Gold  Neurosis
32 Of Fear and Total Control  War From a Harlots Mouth
33 Monolithic Destraction  Behold The Arctopus
34 Crows in Swine  Red Fang
35 Temper Temper  Bullet For My Valentine
36 Guten Tag  Varg
37 From The Running of Blood  God Seed
38 Cross To Bear  Before the Dawn
39 Frost On Her Pillow  Cradle Of Filth
40 Message to a King  Bury Tomorrow

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