Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Protest the Hero Crowd Source New Album in One Day

Protest the Hero is planning to enter the studio in March or April to begin recording its new album for a tentative summer release. In the first day of taking donations they have met and surpassed their initial goal of $125,000. 
"The material is more challenging than ever before and we know we'll have to work hard to bring it to life." 
To finance the recording of the new CD, Protest the Hero has launched an Indiegogo campaign and has begun accepting donations. The group states: "We have completed all of our obligations to record labels. It's time to go it alone and take control of our careers. It's now or never! 
"We will no longer be accepting monetary advances from labels to fund albums. We now turn to our friends, family, and our fans to help us make this album. Please take a look at our campaign — then decide whether to throw us a couple bucks or a couple of middle fingers!"
As one of my favorite new, whatever bands in the last decade, this Canadian band really got some balls to go it alone. With just under a month to go, they will probably make enough money to promote the record themselves and even book a decent tour to boot...congrats!

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