Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tim Lambesis Crowdfunding New Austrian Death Machine Record

The news that the lead singer of As I Lay Dying was about to work on the third installment of his Arnold Schwartzenegger based project Austrian Death Machine, we all thought, it's about time...really. Now on the heals of a couple of very successful crowdfunding campaigns, ADM is doing the same for Triple Brutal.

Using the Indiegogo platform appear to be the new way to get an advance and make something on your own, and hopefully it becomes a successful model. If I had the cash I would totally have my initials tattooed on Tim's ass, just so I could say I was there...wait. Maybe just get the digipak.

The big draw for most people to chip in a little cash are the added value items, vinyl, autographs, special editions etc, and I think bands are figuring out that their fans want that kind of contact, and don't need a label in many cases to pull it off.

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