Friday, March 29, 2013

"Death Goat" Xbox Live Game Featuring Lots of Metal

Nocturnal Studio has released the first title for Microsoft's Xbox Live Indie Games service titled Death Goat. Death Goat is a bloody twin-stick shooter featuring hordes of brutal enemies and eardrum-destroying heavy metal. Death Goat includes the music of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, GOD FORBID, HOLY GRAIL, VANISHER, KONKEROR, IMMORTAL GUARDIAN, LORELEI and OVID'S WITHERING.
"Music has always been an important part of the gaming experience for us," says Brian Ferrara, creative director for Nocturnal Studio. "We assembled a mix of both signed and unsigned artists for this game with the intention of introducing some amazing music in an addictive arcade game to new fans."
Death Goat is available right now on Xbox Live Indie Games.

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