Monday, March 4, 2013

NO CONTROL Radio Chart and Adds: 3/4/13

This week the industry is ramping up for SXSW, so we are seeing a little slower release schedule, but this is pretty common. Also when Spring Break is looming, people are not buying as much music so you see releases coming at the end of the month instead of the beginning. Make sure you are checking out the metal list for SXSW whilst you are checking out the adds!

ADDs: 3/4/13
Neaera - Ours is the Storm (Metal Blade)
Soilwork - The Living Infinite (Nuclear Blast)
Hatchet - Dawn Of The End (The End)

NO CONTROL Radio Chart
Rank Song Artist
1 As Grace Descends  Suffocation
2 Spectrum of Eternity  Soilwork
3 Truth Hurts  Bullet For my Valentine
4 Bruane Brenn  Kvelertak
5 Reach Beyond the Sun  Shai Hulud
6 Pitch Black  Meshuggah
7 The Solution  Rotten Sound
8 No Rest until Ruin  The Armed
9 Mein Herz Brennt  Rammstein
10 Zombie Blood Curse  Six Feet Under
11 What Is Left  Demon Hunter
12 Feeding Frenzy  Within The Ruins
13 In Due Time  Killswitch Engage
14 Abandon All Life  Nails
15 Bitter Truth  Hatebreed
16 Earth Rocker  Clutch
17 Exposed  Incite
18 Chained to Decay  Lightning Swords of Death
19 Think Tank Breed  Baptists
20 Corps Etranger  Voivod
21 Born Among Bastards  Blockheads
22 Pull the Trigger  Zombified
23 Cyanide  Destruction
24 Dream Collapse  As They Burn
25 Milk Leg  Intronaut
26 Dingir  Rings of Saturn
27 Weapons Of Class Destruction  Hatriot
28 Vermosapien  Abiotic
29 Conflict  Philip Anselmo and Warbeast
30 Conduit  Funeral For a Friend
31 Secular Haze  Ghost
32 World Of War  Helloween
33 Shadow Moses  Bring Me the Horizon
34 Show No Mercy  Strife
35 Six Coffins Wide  Arsis
36 Premeditated  The Plot In You
37 Half Lived  Beyond the Shore
38 Fifty Ton War Machine  Devourment
39 Ride the Void  Holy Grail
40 Where We Come From  God Forbid

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