Monday, April 29, 2013

Visions From the Darkside 4/28/13 + more!

This week Chuck and Godless compare themselves to the other metal podcasts (again) and determine this is the best metal talk show, they chat with Stavros Giannopolous of The Atlas Moth fame about the Emmure controversy, plus try to figure out if solo/side projects are good enough for all and talk about new music on the streets. One helluva show every Sunday on NO CONTROL

PLUS! Our Metal Sucks Podcast Audition! Probably not completely safe for work, but it's not like Glass Ass or anything...

That's right, the best metal talk show (Visions From the Darkside) wants to join forces with the best metal website (Metal Sucks)! Although a wormhole will open wider than your sphincter, we intend to bring it proper! Keeping the usual douche-bag approach to our show, delivering the latest metal news and commentary, but able to drop a couple f-bombs in the middle just for good measure. On the grill in this one, Nicko McBrain's so called life, Jeff Loomis' Dad, Viking dildos, Megadeth and more. Listen to it, and hate us.

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