Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Emmure Frontman Electrocuted on Stage

So if there was a frontman in metal who is 'shocking' people (pun intended) these days, it would be Frankie Palmeri. A verbal/visual feud with The Atlas Moth, who we interviewed last week about him, as well as people of other races that Palmeri doesn't seem to like much, this may come as a bright spot. Yet taking 200v on stage is no laughing matter. He took to twitter to explain his near execution on stage:
“Sorry I almost literally died on stage tonight #Moscow. Getting zapped by 200 volts feels like shit. Ya almost got me tonight. #STILLALIVE 
Haha already reading online that it was ‘karma’ haha. I guess Gino the TM for Chelsea also deserved it too since he got blasted right b4 me.”
He may be kind of a douche, I would never wish anyone dead, especially someone who generates such great news content.

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