Monday, June 17, 2013

NO CONTROL Radio HD3 Chart and Adds: 6/17/13

I took vacation last week, I know it is not acceptable, but you just have to understand that bad things were about to happen to my coworkers if I did not get a break from this office. It all seems metal and fun on the outside, but I have a whole other job that I work at 50 hours a week so it gets a little overwhelming after no time off for a while. I get back though and have some good tunes to add to the mix, Valient Thorr, Amon Amarth, High on Fire all more than worthy and the summer run is looking good too. So keep checking back, I am starting to get motivated...

ADDs: 6/17/13
Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals - "Usurper's Bastard Rant" (Housecore)
We Came As Romans - "Tracing Back Roots" (Equal Vision)
Better Left Unsaid - Better Left Unsaid (Epochal Artists)
Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods (Metal Blade)
High On Fire - Spitting Fire Live Vol.1 and 2 (eOne)
Valient Thorr - Our Own Masters (Volcom)

NO CONTROL Radio Chart 6/17/13
Rank LW Song Artist
1 4 Let Me Be The One  Arsis
2 13 Land Of The Upright One  Heaven Shall Burn
3 2 Head of the Demon  Evile
4 7 Wide Open Wound  Nails
5 1 Manelyst  Kvelertak
6 8 Raped in Hatred by Vines of Thorn The Black Dahlia Murder
7 9 Room 24  Volbeat w-King Diamond
8 12 When I Lost My Bet  Dillinger Escape Plan
9 14 God Is Dead  Black Sabbath
10 15 Overthrone  Anciients
11 16 All That's Left Is Blood Chimaira
12 17 Overcome  Hacride
13 5 My Dying Drive  Shining
14 6 Unspoken  Kylesa
15 3 Decay  Sevendust
16 10 The New Awakening  Killswitch Engage
17 23 Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me  KEN Mode
18 21 50 Shades Of Evil  Kobra and the Lotus
19 22 Lift Me Up  Five Finger Death Punch 
20 25 The Needle In You  A Pale Hose Named Death
21 26 Castlestorm ASG
22 19 Bound To Order  Immolation
23 24 The Science Of Noise  Dark Tranquillity
24 27 Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death  Havok
25 314 Shape Shifter  Amon Amarth
26 31 My Final Bullet  Sodom
27 37 Crown of Thorns  For Today
28 28 Blackmail  Empyrios
29 32 Cathedral of the Damned  Cathedral
30 34 Poison Apple  Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
31 38 Lightning In My Hands  White Wizzard
32 30 The Purest Strain of Hate  Thy Art Is Murder
33 35 New Dynamic  Omnium Gatherum
34 39 Withdrawal  Woe
35 312 Conditioned To Death  Power Trip
36 315 The Sinister Supremacy  Darkane
37 36 Bodom Blue Moon  Children of Bodom
38 11 Deceiver of The Gods  Amon Amarth
39 313 USA  We Butter Our Bread With Butter
40 18 Super Collider  Megadeth

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