Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MetalSucks Podcast Episode #52

We mark a year of podcasting with a double episode! Vince and Axl jump in to tell Chuck and Godless if they get to keep their jobs and discuss a recent post Vince made about bands taking risks. Should a band who has a signature sound experiment? Everyone’s got a different opinion on the issue, and there’s nothing like a bunch of metal snobs to tell dudes how to make music.

We also interview Matt Heafy of Trivium, right on the heels of canceling some tour dates and exchanging personnel. We get the scoop about the news, talk about the metal scene and why the brotherhood between metalheads has changed over the last few years.

Journalist Ryan Downey guests to talk about his recent, incredibly in-depth interview with Tim Lambesis. Ryan and Tim have been friends for years, and Ryan spent quite a bit of time putting together the piece prior to Lambesis’ sentencing.

Trivium – “No Way to Heal”
Austrian Death Machine – “Get Your Story Straight”

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