Wednesday, May 18, 2011

IWABO go Black, Will They Come Back?

In a recent statement Aveant metal band Iwrestledabearonce have announced a music shift away from the rainbows and goofy stage banter, to a more serious approach to metal music at least according to guitarist Steven Bradley in a recent statment:
We were sick of getting lumped in with 'scene' and 'whatever-core' bands, so we decided to embrace our roots and just go straight black metal on the new album, I'd say 90 percent of the new record is straight-up black metal, so we had to change our image to match... Because, of course, that's just as important, if not more so, than the music."
That's right if you didn't believe the band photos they even have drafted a brand new illegible logo to represent the bands new direction.

Knowing how this band loves to joke around and poke fun at everyone, especially themselves, I have a feeling that there is no truth to this, but I did laugh my ass off about it...IWRESTLEDABEARONCE's new album is due this summer via Century Media Records, and look for a sneak preview of a new song on metalsucks.

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