Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HD Radio Primer

So I made the announcement the other night on the show about a new station hitting the dial in Austin, NO CONTROL Radio! You are thinking right now, wait, isn't that the name of the show we listen to every Friday? Is that going away? WTF is HD radio? Calm down, I have been working hard to figure out how to lay it all out for you, but I will start by explaining a bit about the last question, and as we get closer to a true launch date, give you the fine details about our new station.

HD radio has been around for a few years, but has been slow on the uptick for consumers. We all know what HD TV is by now, well, HD Radio can be defined in a similar way, better sound quality, less drop outs, but really it is a way for radio stations to offer some cool little extras for their audiences. Itunes tagging, title/artist info, traffic info, weather updates, and of course HD side channels for completely different music.

Itunes tagging allows you to hear a song hit a button and when you sync your devices, buy the music you heard on the radio automatically. Data channels will offer cool extras for your displays, road closures, artist facts and information and contests for stations. Side channels can be completely different format of music or talk added to your favorite stations regular programming.

Of course you have to have an HD radio, but they are becoming part of the regular fabric of devices already in our wheelhouse, car stereos, Ipod docks, portables and coming soon (hopefully) smart phones. So metalheads, be ready! We will have the ONLY metal station in the country very soon, many have tried on the web, but we get to do it for real...more details coming soon!

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