Friday, June 10, 2011

Mastodon Announce New Album Title, People Go Apeshit

I am a complete d-bag fan of Mastodon, but I have read so many blogs and articles about the new name of Mastodon's next opus as if it were the second coming of Dio. I know why people are enamored with Mastodon, they are good, they are funny, creative and have a highly anticipated album due out this year, but get a room. In a world full of critics, bloggers and opinions I refuse to speculate whether or not the new album will be more like Remission or Crack the Skye, I just don't care yet. That's an easy way to raise your expectations too high.

The Hunter, as the new album will be known, will be a good album from a good band. Will it change my world like Leviathan, I am not sure, but I am not pinning all of my hopes and dreams on it, nor would I hate Mastodon even if it is nothing but farts and whistles.

BTW, I googled The Hunter and this came up, i see the album cover now:

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