Friday, July 8, 2011

Mastodon Shows Off New Album Art

The cover artwork for "The Hunter", the new album from Atlanta progressive metallers MASTODON, and it is completely insane looking. Created by AJ Fosik, a wood carver who also created the bands live backdrop. This is first time MASTODON has not used artist Paul Romano, who was responsible for all of the group's previous album art.

At first glance, I was a little put off by Fostik's artwork, but as I checked out all of his works and more detail, I can see why Mastodon chose this amazing artist for this album. Check out the link to his site above!

Tentatively due in October via Reprise Records, "The Hunter" will contain the following tracks, among others:

* Blasteroids
* The Octopus Has No Friends
* Stargasm
* Curl Of The Burl
* All The Heavy Lifting
* The Sparrow
* The Ruiner

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