Friday, May 25, 2012

Metallica Can't Afford to Take Time Off

Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett candidly admitted in a new interview with Rolling Stone that the band has to tour pretty continuously in order to pay for its huge overhead, which includes their own studio, salaries for their staff and crew, and their live show production.
"The cycles of taking two years off don't exist anymore. We were able to do that because we had record royalties coming in consistently. Now you put out an album, and you have a windfall maybe once or twice but not the way it used to be — a check every three months."
It has to be a pretty tough life for a band like Metallica, I honestly can't imagine how they can survive, they may have to get day jobs. Here is a NSFW 18+ oldie, but goodie reminding us how important you money really is...

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