Thursday, November 8, 2012

Intern Review: Pig Destroyer - Book Burner

For 14 years, Pig Destroyer has made eardrums bleed with their anvil heavy guitar work and lightning fast drums that can make fans of grindcore both old and young share a mosh pit together without issues.  The band's fifth studio album, Book Burner, feels more like an extension of previous albums than anything else. From start to finish, the album is an in-your-face nonstop thrill ride. Don't press pause because you'll lose the whole feeling of the album.

Now, I know for some people grindcore is an acquired taste, much like having your first beer, it comes with a weird taste and leaves you aching in the morning but you never regret it. There's no filler, there's no fluff to this album. Fans of previous work from Pig Destroyer are in for a real treat with "The Diplomat," "Baltimore Strangler" and "Iron Drunk". The band does an excellent job of staying true to their grindcore riffs and these songs are guaranteed to make your neck sore.

Of course this can't be an absolutely excellent review because that's practically impossible. In all honesty there are a few drawbacks of the album, one being that every song sounds virtually the same. Now, I know for many fans that could be a positive because it's like listening to your favorite song over and over again; however, to the average metal head or aggressive music lover it can be a little mundane and repetitive.

There were times when I was not sure where one song ended and one began, but once I heard the album a few times, it was definitely a plus because I didn't want the songs to end. The brutal in-your-face raw sound was definitely a pallet pleaser after a few times through. When it is all said and done Book Burner is a pretty kick ass album through and through. It's an album grindcore fans will definitely sink their teeth into and show it to others with the hopes to get them on board the Pig Destroyer bandwagon. 

-Derick Garcia

Derick is an intern from Texas State University where he hosts his own metal show 'On the Grinder' and produces and hosts a Texas State TV program 'La Bella Vida.'

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