Saturday, July 9, 2016

NO CONTROL Radio Replay 7/8/16

After one of the roughest weeks in this country, I have no words to offer, I can never verbalize what I feel about tragic events like we saw this week, and really enough is being said all over in the media that who needs a grumpy DJ's opinion on the state of the world right now. What I do know how to do, is provide a little catharsis via our favorite type of music...We love metal, and I am not sure about you, but it calms me down, puts things in their place in my mind, and hopefully we acomplished that tonight. New music from Revocation, Every Time I Die, Of Mice and Men, Motionless in White, Thy Art is Murder, Nails, Soilwork, Be'lakor and classics from Iron Maiden, Sepultura, Crowbar, Five Finger Death Punch, Ministry, Devin Townsend Project and plenty more.

Metal News: Eddie RPG game released, For Today quit and Gear theft ring foiled in Houston

ALL CONTESTS ARE OVER and REQUEST LINES ARE CLOSED listen live Friday nights at 10p on 101X, 93.3 KGSR and streaming at

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